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1-Button Remote Start System

Start your engine with the push of a button from up to 1500ft from your vehicle. The Cool Start™ RS1-G5 system is a 1-Way remote start system that uses (2) ultra-compact extended range 1-button transmitters to operate. Although there is no keyless entry feature on this system, the RS1-G4 has an unlock feature that allows the user to unlock the doors by pressing and releasing the start button once the engine is running. 
Once the remote start sequence is complete and the engine is running, you can use the 1-button remote to unlock the doors by momentarily pressing the start button. This is a very convenient feature to have since some vehicle makes and models will not allow the OEM remote to operate the door locks when the igntiion is on. Thus, you can still enter your vehicle without having to physically insert the key into the door.





Main Components

2-way 1-button remote start

The RS2-G3 is a remote start system that has up to 2500 feet of range from a 2-way LED 1-button transmitter and up to 2000 feet of range from the companion 1-button transmitter. 

  • (1) 2-way LED paging transmitter with 2500 ft of range
  • (1) Companion transmitter (non-2-way)
  • Door unlock when remote start activated
  • Horn honk confirmation
  • Gas, diesel and hybrid compatibility
  • Manual transmission mode activated by e-brake or remote
The RS2-G3 is a 2500 foot range remote start system with unlock. This system comes with a 2-way LED transmitter and a 2000 foot range 1-way companion transmitter, the main control unit and the antenna. This system also offers the ability to unlock the vehicle after it has been remote started.

It has 2-way data for integration modules from Fortin and ADS products via the data port on the main control unit.This system works great on gas, diesel or hybrid vehicles. Offering features such as timed start for extreme cold climates and turbo timer so that you can cool you turbo down when you reach your destination.

There are multiple engine sensing modes (tach, tachless, and hybrid) so you can be sure it will integrate into your vehicle. This system also features negative ignition, accessory and start outputs for more flexibility on newer vehicles. Another feature of this system is that it works equally as well in automatic vehicles or manual transmission vehicles.
RS3-G5 / RS4-G5
NO TRUNK RELEASE ON RS3-G5 (special order)
 RS4-G5 Kit 
Remote Start and Keyless Entry with Trunk Release (RS-4 only)


The RS4-G5 uses (2) newly styled brushed metal 5-button extended-rangetransmitters to operate and has a range of over 2000 ft. Not only do you get the convenience of a full remote start system, this unit also gives you the added convenience of a full keyless entry system to make getting into your car a little easier as well as trunk pop so you can open your trunk at the click of a button. The RS4-G5 is comptiable with Gas, Diesel and Hybrid vehicles and also includes safety systems to make it compatible with manual transmission vehicles as well.





RS7-G5 Kit

 The RS7-G5 is the top-of-the-line remote start and keyless entry system and will give you the best of everything. It has an operating range of 3000 ft. and uses a 2-way rechargeable LCD paging remote to let the vehicle owner know when the engine is running. The pager will also give confirmation when the doors are locked or unlocked and the trunk is open. Besides the LCD pager, the system also comes with a secondary "sidekick" non-paging remote as well. Like the other remote start systems, the RS7-G5 comes will all of the same features including: Turbo Timer Mode and Timed Start Mode. This system is compatible with Gas, Diesel and Hybrid engines and has the built-in safety features for manual transmission compatiblilty.

The interactive display on the paging remote confirms all commands almost instantly with easy-to-understand icons. It alerts the user to remote start and keyless entry functions by beeping and vibrating when out of audible range of the vehicle horn. The LCD remote can be set into silent mode where it will vibrate only when the vehicle is tampered with, or you can also customize it by turning only the beeping tones on without vibration. You can also turn off both the vibration and beepign tones completely for a full silent mode. When the vehicle is remotely started, the LCD remote will give you a countdown timer to let you know how much time is left on the remote start cycle. 


Smart Phone Remote Start Control


Can be added to any remote start from Pocono Auto Start.

Free service first year, than only $29 per year.