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My name is Darryll Wilkie. Some of you may remember me as the installations manager at the Hi-Tec Outlet in Stroudsburg since 1994. If you know someone with a properly functioning remote car starter, chances are I installed it at Hi-Tec, the leading remote start facility in the Poconos Pa. I've had satisfied customers come all the way from Wilkes-Barre, Philadelphia and New York State. Hi-Tec has since changed ownership and direction, no longer offering any automotive products or installations, but though Pocono Auto-Start, I will continue to offer my customers the uncompromising attention to detail and technical experience they have come to expect since 1988.

  Over 28 years of full time experience and approaching 4,000 units installed- Not only have I installed more remote starters then anyone else in the area, I very frequently repair the failed attempted installations by other local shops. I also install into brand new vehicles for the local car dealerships. I am also a trained and ASE certified GM and HONDA automobile technician 

  • Beware the next door neighbor-Your neighbor is great place to go for a cup of sugar  but chances are he is clueless when in comes to modern vehicle electronic systems. (see photo below? This is an installation according to someone's neighbor! NO JOKE!!) Changing your own oil is nothing like installing additional electronics into your vehicle's already complicated computer controlled electrical system. I have the training and state-of-the-art computer software not available to the general public, specifically designed for the installation of remote starters and mobile electronics. 
  • Beware the large chain store- There's not enough room here to elaborate on THIS subject! The internet is full of horror stories regarding the big box stores and the work they produce. Don't let an angry teenager earning minimum wage ruin your electrical system!!  All high current wire connections are soldered as necessary. All exposed wiring is loomed. The floors are even vacuumed. This attention to detail takes a bit more time. Other shops may say they can install a remote starter faster and I say "Great, when it becomes an Olympic event they can represent the United States". In fact, my installations are so clean the local dealership mechanics usually can't  find the remote starter in the vehicle!
  • Limited Lifetime warranty on Crimestopper Brand Remote Starters I recommend Crimestopper brand remote starters. These are award winning units voted #1 by professional installers the world over. In fact Crimestopper is considered the originator of the remote car starter. Other brands are also available.
  • Beware of the "$129 installed today only!" special.-  Anybody willing to install for super cheap is only admitting they're installation has little value! Each vehicle is different and must be quoted individually. My average high quality remote starter runs around $268- $333 installed WITH SECURITY INTERFACE !. There are a few select vehicles that can be accomplished for under $200 (and some for even $150) but I don't advertise at this low price because it covers only 3% of vehicles on the road and I refuse to bait 7 switch my customers. Some chain stores actually charge extra for the heater to turn on during remote start! That is ridiculous! Also, my average price has actually come down in the past 8 years from $318 to $268!
  • I take pride in my work  so I will care for your car as my own. No need to worry about that angry teenager working on your vehicle. That's what you get with those $129 specials.
  •  I am the sole employee of Pocono Auto-Start. I am the proprietor. I am sales. I am service. I am the installation department. I am also the compliant department. I have nobody to pass an unsatisfied customer off to because I have the sole responsibility for your satisfaction and the most to lose from your dissatisfaction.



28 Years experience with nearly  4000  Units Installed!

24hr phone # 570-977-1515

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